Cole is Vergil's best friend and fellow trainer. Over the course of the series, Cole will realise he wants to become a scientist. At the end of the kanto series, Cole stays behind and becomes a team rocket member, wishing to become a stronger trainer and better scientist

Pokemon Edit

Poppy (Popplio) Edit

A playful pokemon, she befriends Cole when the group goes to seafoam. Popplio was dragged there from a distant land, a seemingly common occurence around those parts due to the strong currents in the area. Although seperated from her family and tossed into a foreign land, popplio remains happy and playful all the time. At first, she approaches Cole who is sitting alone in the beach, and tries to cheer him up. Cole eventually laughs at the fart sound popplio makes, and Cole befriends him and nicknames her Poppy. Immediatelly, Poppy accepts to accompany Cole, and Cole brings it back to the house he and Vergil live into to cheer him up too. Poppy becomes Vergil's main transportation across water later. It learns water gun, ice beam etc.

Blaziken Edit

Blaziken is one of Cole's best pokemon. He catches him when Blaziken is fully evolved, as Cole gets its respect by beating it in a match. Blaziken has the speed boost ability, which lets it become faster as time progresses during a fight, and lands very powerful kicks. It throws fire out of its palms, allowing it to charge forward and launch itself in the air, giving the impression that it is flying. It knows blaze kick (a kick after it has enveloped its legs into fire), flame bird (using wings made entirely out of fire, it hurts itself too by using this), Sky Uppercut and Hyper Beam