A timeline of the major events happening in the story


Story begins

Misty, Vergil and Cole meet Grandpa Bill.

Cerulean City is evacuated, Misty and some trainers stay behind. 

The refugees reach Pewter City. 

Crulean falls to the cursed Zapdos, Misty and those left behind are killed.

Eevee hatches.

Vergil goes back in Cerulean , finds a water stone which incorporates into his Eeeveolite and finds his mother dead.

Vegil catches Poliwag.

Poliwag learns ice beam.

Brock's little brother is killed while scouting the nearby cities.

Brock decides to put the coty on lockdown, abandoning every operation to scout the nearby cities.

Vergil and Cole flee Pewter to go to Pallet, in search of Vergil's grandmother, since Brock withdrew all people.

Vergil and Cole pass through viridian forest and end up in the city controlled by team rocket.  

Vergil speaks up against team rocket, the people remain silent, and both he and Cole are kicked out of the city, continuing their trip to Pallet. 

After Pallet, they travel to Cerice Island,which is now serving as one of the many outposts of the pokemon theme park. A bunch of trainers are there along with their pokemon, and they had little information about what happened in the world, only that they were cut off from everywhere. An attack takes place there, when a Hypno puts everyone to sleep and feeds off their nightmares, slowly draining them of their souls. Vergil manages to wake up, breaking the curse, and the trainers retaliate against Hypno and his pokemon